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My brain has always pulled me in two different directions. I have a strong creative side that appreciates the beauty in color, light and texture. But I also have an analytical side that wants to solve puzzles and create order from chaos. Design and photography are, for me, a perfect blending of those two sensibilities.


I earned my BFA in graphic design from Rochester Institute of Technology, then moved back to NJ where I began my career designing at a small studio. It was an amazing environment to apply my craft in the real world. In a studio with just two other designers, but top notch clients, I had my hands in every aspect of the business: client meetings, brainstorming, designing, editing, photo shoots, prepress and on site at the printer. 

After my two children were born, I made the decision to begin my freelancing career and Toni Deis Creative was born. I design for local businesses, schools and organizations, but also large corporations. I specialize in logo and identity design, brand promotion, corporate publications (annual reports, magazines, catalogs), and advertising.

In 2012, I decided to turn my love of photography from a hobby into another branch of my business, interior design photography. It was such a natural transition for me to use my design skills and sensibility in a different medium. I love collaborating with other creative professionals to highlight their incredible talent. In the years since, I have photographed for interior designers, builders, contractors, architects and landscape designers. I have shot on location all around the New Jersey and New York City area, but also as far as St. John, USVI.

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